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Protein & Energy

Liquid Energy Supplement (250 ml bottle 100 doses)
Gives piglets a quick and efficient energy source to start or increase their suckling activity. In some litters a piglet or two will fall behind even after a week or two. One dose a day will usually help them catch up to their littermates. Many producers give one dose before and after shipping weaners. Pig Kare is ideal for helping shakers. Over twenty million piglets benefit from Pig Kare every year. For piglets.

Genesis Pump-It
Automatic 3mL delivery system that is fast, easy to use, accurate, washable and will last a long time. Plus it can be threaded right onto the Pig Kare bottle. For use with PigKare.

Liquid Energy Supplement (125 mL bottle 30 - 60 doses)
Gives lambs and kids a quick and efficient energy source to increase their suckling activity. Use for small or weak animals or those that have fallen behind even after a week or two. Metered dose pump included. For lambs and kids.